Project 3. Improving Sustainability of Freshwater Ecosystems
Study 4. Development of biomonitoring tool for water quality assessment of river systems
Date Started 2017
Date of Completion 2018
Duration 1
Place of Implementation Banban River, Bangui, Ilocos Norte; Babuyan River, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Funding Agency ERDB
Proponent/s Cynthia C. Marquez
Description The study aims to develop a bio-monitoring tool to assess the water quality of polluted freshwater ecosystems; determine the plankton and macro-benthic invertebrate species present, abundance and diversity in relation with the physico-chemical properties of selected freshwater ecosystems; assess the impact of organic pollution on the biodiversity of plankton and macro-benthic invertebrate communities present in different freshwater ecosystems; and review the existing policies in classification of freshwater bodies.