Project 2. Development of Technologies on Sustainable Resource Management of Forest Ecosystem
Study 4. Arthropod communities as a tool to assess soil quality and biodiversity in mining and restoration sites
Date Started January 2017
Date of Completion December 2018
Duration 1
Place of Implementation Palawan
Funding Agency ERDB
Proponent/s Cynthia C. Marquez
Description The study seeks to evaluate soil quality of degraded and restoration sites using arthropod communities and to discover the potential of these soil fauna as indicators of ecosystem change in response to contamination and subsequent restoration of mined sites. Specifically, this aims to determine and compare species composition, abundance and diversity of soil arthropods in mine-site and rehabilitation sites; determine level of soil toxicity/pollution of selected mining sites based on heavy metal analysis; determine the soil physico-chemical properties of sites selected in the study; and conduct Landscape Function Analysis (LFA) and relate biological indicators to ecological condition of the area.