Project 1.1. Genetic Improvement of Forest Tree Species for Quality Wood Production
Study 1. Germplasm collection, seed production and seedbanking of superior forest trees and development and management of database and information system for quality planting materials
Date Started January 2013
Date of Completion December 2018
Duration 5
Place of Implementation Kalinga Apayao Ilocos Norte Quirino Bataan Pampanga Cavite Laguna Quezon Oriental Mindoro Palawan Camarines Sur Iloilo Cebu Leyte Zamboanga del Sur Bukidnon Compostela Valley Davao del Norte North Cotabato Surigao del Sur
Funding Agency ERDB
Proponent/s Romana A. Mauricio
Description One of the major reasons for the failure of many reforestation and greening programs is the use of inferior planting stocks. Most often than not, such programs are pushed through regardless of the quality of planting materials used. As a result, , significant number of mortality, poor growth, and survival affect the overall forestation program of both government and the private tree farming industry. The establishment of the two additional seed banks which is envisioned in the project is expected to address the planting material needs of the regions in Luzon and the Visayas. Specifically, the tree seed banks will be established in ERDB (Laguna) Luzon and ERDS-R7 (Cebu) for the Visayas. These shall primarily serve as depository banks for seeds from the identified and delineated seed production areas (SPAs). The centers will provide technical assistance in managing seed sources and potential seed production areas, establish orchards, document seed collections in each region, and certify quality of seeds to be distributed to other regions, NGOs, and other clientele. The centers will also serve the various clienteles in testing seed samples. Using a database in a research institution like ERDB is therefore a must in order to put in order all the information derived from different completed studies and projects on forest tree improvement. Putting in place all the data gathered from Banner Program 4 (Development of Strategies for the Production of Quality Planting Materials) particularly on the potential plus trees, location using GIS-based maps, phenological characteristics of each species, and the like, would definitely result in easy access and tracking of this information. In addition to this, the data/information to be generated from Projects 1 to 5 of the Forest Tree Improvement Program of ERDB will be included.