Volume 13 No. 2 - BAGO Gnetum gnemon Linn.
In search of locally available natural resources that could be a productive source of livelihood for farmers, we came up with an alternative tree species called Bago (Gnetum gnemon L.).
Bago is a multipurpose tree species which is native to the Philippines. It can be a source of food, wood and fiber. Because of its edible young shoot, the species is more popularly known in some upland areas as a vegetable crop. Unknown to our local farmers, bago trees can become a source of export products. Countries like Indonesia process the seeds and leaves of bago and export them to Japan and some European countries.
Aside from its economic potential, bago can also help in rehabilitating our marginal lands. This species aids in soil improvement because of its beneficial association with some mychorrhizal fungi.
Both an economically and ecologically important tree species, bago could provide great benefits to our rural communities. The information contained in this issue will serve as guide to our readers especially the upland farmers in considering bago for agroforestry, tree planting acitivities, or tree plantation development.©pangetgawavillaspin
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