Volume 14 No. 2 - Propagation management of herbal and medicinal plants
This issue contains the first part of a series of information on the propagation management of medicinal plants.
Medicinal plants abound in the country. They used to be sleeping treasure due to lack of knowledge on their importance and uses in alternative health care, limited research on the development of photochemical components of the plants, and other related R & D undertakings on herbal products and medicines.
We have consolidated relevant data and outputs of the training and pilot research conducted by ERDB on the integration of medicinal plants as agroforestry crops in the upland areas to provide useful information for farmers (upland or lowland) cooperatives, corporations, and other interested individuals.
Production of medicinal plants in small or large-scale plantations will provide the pharmaceutical industry enough supply of raw materials. Propagating medicinal plants, especially in upland areas will not only be economically beneficial to the local people, but it will also help maintain a rich biodiversity in the ecosystem.
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