Volume 14 No. 3 - Yemane Gmelina arborea (Roxb) Issues and Facts on Yemane
Yemane is known for its very remarkable growth rate. In three years, one can attain a merchantable timber size of 5.8 m - 8.3 m with 10 cm - 15 cm diameter. Likewise, at this age, it is already a prolific seeder.
Yemane is a raw material for pulp and paper making, posts, house timbers and poles, and its wood is sawn for general carpentry, joinery, and furniture components. It is also an ideal material for musical instruments and boat decking. Rotary cut veneers are utilized for plywood. It is sometimes used as fuelwood and feed for cattles.
Being a multiple-use species, yemane has gained prominence not only in the Philippines but to some of our Asian neighbors as well.
Owing to its importance, we have updated and revised the previous versions of RISE issues on this species. We included the issues and facts on yemane to come up with a new reference material.
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