Volume 15 No. 2 - Sugar palm [Arenga pinnata (Wurbm.) Merr.]
Sugar palm is popularly known as kaong (Arenga pinnata). Although considered as a minor forest species, it provides two important food products: the sweet kaong gel and vinegar. These products have great potentials for export. Kaong gel is a very popular ingredient for salad and can be eaten alone as dessert, while kaong vinegar is processed from the sweet sap. It is becoming popular especially in Indang, Cavite where the palms abundantly grow. Kaong vinegar is classified as one of the best because the processing method used by a local manufacturer is similar to that for a brand of worldwide popularity. At present, raw material supplies rely on the available natural stands. To ensure a steady supply, there is a need to establish kaong plantations.
With this issue goes our encouragement for those who wish to invest in kaong plantations. May this manual provide useful information.
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