Volume 16 No. 1 - Toog (high quality wood) Bitaog (rehabilitation species with seeds that contain medicinal oil)
For our RISE issue, we are featuring two important tree species bitaog [Calophyllum(Merr.) Merr.] and toog (Petersianthus quadrialatus). Bitaog is a beach species good for shade and windbreak for its dense foliage. The wood is used for heavy construction. It is the best source of tamanu oil, reknowned for its healing properties on wounds, including severe cuts and burns. The oil is also suitable for general skin care and cosmetic purposes.
On the other hand, toog is an endemic and rare species and one of the only two species is found in Africa. Plywood produced from toog trees are in great demand in the foreign market because of its good quality, good appearance and exquisite design. But as toog gained acceptance, depletion follows. Considering the importance of these species, a need to establish plantations for seed production area, biodiversity conservation and for the perpetuation of the species is a must for the future generation of our country.
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