Volume 10 No. 6 - November to December 2016

What’s Inside: 2 ERDB holds forum on mining 12th NBW celebration  3 ERDB celebrates its 29th Anniversary 4  ERDB holds exhibit in 2016 Clean Air Concert / Luisiana LGU visits ERDB, signs MOA for PARTNER BOND project 5 Indigenous forest tree species cover 246.2-ha land of FRMMR  6 MDARRC conducts “MDARRC sa Barangay” in Datu Agod, Antipas 7UTHRC facilitates 4th ELTAG quarterly meeting with field visit to ENR related projects / UTHRC conducts learning event cum team building activity 8 BCWERC head presents programs and function to support Cebu Province Monitoring Scheme / ERDB conducts workshop on ENR technology assessment and post evaluation

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