Volume 10 No. 4 - July to August 2016

What’s Inside: 2 ERDB features exhibit at CSI Los Baños 3 ERDB extends technical assistance on plant tissue culture 4 Disaster preparedness seminar held at ERDB 5 ERDB senior citizens hold forum on health and wellness,  BCWERC and DENR NIR to team up for Biodiversity Conservation and Protection Project 6 ERDB technical personnel garners Best Employee Award, ERDB NGP-PQPM Partner Awarded during the Culmination of the 29th DENR Anniversary and Environment Month Celebration 7 Bamboo Basket weaving and Crafting to boost Besang Pass ecotourism development in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur 8 UTHRC conducts consultative meeting on green technology, ERDB conducts, Technical Writing Workshop for BCWERC researchers 9 Rare bird sighted in Zambales, MSU Forestry students undergo 5-day practicum at MDARRC Research Station 1 10 3-day Orientation Workshop on ERDB Information Systems held 11 ENR valuation training held at BP International Hotel 12 UTHRC conducts leveling-off activity with EMB, RBCO, and MBCO officials WWRRC launches peer lecture series for personnel

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