Volume 6 No. 4 - October to December 2012
INSIDE: 3 DENR conducts Scientific Forum at the 8th National Biotech Week 4 Training 
Workshop on Principles and Methods for Monitoring Landscape Function and Biodiversity
Trends for Co-Located Forestry and Mining Projects in the Philippines 5 Monthly Technical
Seminar Series features Research on Biotechnology 6 Technology Transfer Group holds
2-Day Conference 7 ERDB tree planting in Sta. Maria, Laguna 8 FORESPI holds Annual
Symposium and General Assembly Meeting 10 ERDB Youth Training Management Team
conducts Environmental Awareness Trainings in Pila, Laguna 11 Intellectual Property
Philippines approves Mycorrhizal Patents of ERDB researcher 11 CSC confers Career
Scientist I to Dr. Aida Lapis of DENR-ERDB
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