DENR Recommends
The DENR RECOMMENDS came to fore as a result of the Department's initiative to give the general public access to information and technologies that can help restore quality to the environment and preserve the nation's forest, land and mineral resources, and protected areas. It is one of the Department's responses to the growing need for environmental awareness and activism. The DENR believes that a high level of knowledge of practices contributory to the improvement of the people's immediate surroundings could propel mass action and draw popular support to the Department's development agenda. 
  1. Volume 15b - Indigenous forest tree species in Laguna
  2. Volume 15a - Indigenous forest tree species in Laguna
  3. Volume 14 - Forest tree seeds: A phenological guidebook
  4. Volume 13 - Fungal diseases of forest tree seeds and control measures: A guidebook
  5. Volume 12 - Food from the wilderness
  6. Volume 11 - Forest tree species with medicinal uses
  7. Volume 10 - Production of DENR charcoal briquettes from forest wastes
  8. Volume 9 - Ornamental bamboos for urban parks
  9. Volume 8 - How to recognize plant disorders caused by non-biological agents: A guidebook
  10. Volume 7 - The phenology of selected Philippine mangrove species: A calendar
  11. Volume 6 - Mass propagation and nursery management of dipterocarps
  12. Volume 5 - Guidelines for community-based rehabilitation of mangroves
  13. Volume 4 - Guidelines for the establishment of forest parks