Volume 9 No. 3 - May to June 2015
Inside: 3 ERDB Partner Bond Project holds training in General Nakar, Quezon 4 ERDB conducts leadershop training in 
2 communities for bamboo enterprise 4 ERDB trains DENR researchers to publish in Sylvatrop 5 Seminar on SMEs of
Bamboo Industry held in China 6 Laguna 4H Club joins “Lakbay Aral” at LBES 7 For. Santos lectures on Charcoal
briquetting technology at the DENR-ENR Forum 7 21 Schools join the 2015 Earth Day Yourth Camp 8 LGUs from
General Nakar, Quezon for Lakbay Aral 9 ERDB GADFPS raise LGU awareness on environmental and gender concerns
on ecotourism 9 ERDB upgrades its internet connection 10 ERDB staff attend ‘TWEEST” Forum at Trade Fair at PCARRD
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