On April 25, 2018, a forum entitled “Pollution Absorbent Plant Species (PAPs) for Vertical/Urban Greening and Other ENR Technologies” was held at the Conference Hall, Barangay Lower Bicutan, Taguig City. The activity is part of the IEC Campaign for the Promotion of ENR Technologies for adoption of its stakeholders in urban areas. The forum was held to create awareness among stakeholders regarding the importance of the recommended-pollution-resistant plant species in urban greening and other technologies. Moreover, it aimed to determine the stakeholders’ information and training needs which will serve as basis in designing strategies for further technical assistance.

 Fifty-seven (57) participants (15 males and 42 females) attended the said activity which include representatives from the different offices of the city (City Environment and Natural Resources Office, Solid Waste Management Office, Public Employment Service Office, Taguig City towards Youth Development Organization) barangay officials and UTHRC staff. Mr. Joey Palamos of the Public Employment Service Office, Taguig City welcomed the participants to the forum wherein he emphasized the importance of plants for climate change mitigation and its benefits to the environment.

The resource speakers during the forum include Engr. Teresa S. Salanguit (Phytoremediation Scheme for Polluted Waterways), For. Edmundo B. Esteban (Recommended Pollution-Absorbent Plant Species for Vertical/Urban Greening), For. Rey B. Abadiano (Nursery Establishment and (NGP) Clonal Propagation Techniques), Sr. Science Research Specialist Ma. Salvacion P. Samson (Charcoal Briquetting Technnology) and Sr. Science Research Specialist Irene A. Legaspi (Recycling, Composting and Plastic Bricks Making) At the end of the forum, Ms. Evangeline R. Marcelino, UTHRC-TTPE Unit Head gave the closing remarks as she thanked the participants for their active participation during the open forum. UTHRC