The ERDB Senior Citizens sponsored the 1st seminar on health empowerment “Fighting Sickness Natural and Herbal Ways” through its new focal person and Chief of the Administrative, Financial and Management Division (AFMD), Mr. Angelito B. Exconde. The seminar was held at the ERDB Auditorium, College, Laguna on February 19, 2018. It aimed to increase the level of awareness and knowledge of the ERDB employees on the different ways to prevent and protect themselves from different illnesses. A total of 173 employees composed of 72 males and 101 females attended this activity.

Before the start of the seminar, a short program was held. Mr. Exconde gave the welcome remarks and stressed that the seminar is a very important activity because many employees are now suffering from hypertension and other related illnesses. He thanked Dr. Gonzaga for giving her time and opportunity for sharing her knowledge and experiences on the various diseases and illnesses.

Dr. Violeta Lopez Gonzaga, a Medical Anthropologist and CEO of Southeast-Asian Center for Resource Studies Consultant and Training (SEACREST) was the guest speaker during the seminar. She discussed the five (5) important topics: (a) Ways and Means of Personal Health Empowerment; (b) Herbal and Organic Ways to Health; (c) Natural Food as Medicine; (4) Ways of Preparing Food as Medicine for Health Empowerment; and (5) Herbal Plants. After the lecture, five groups were formed to share their food habits and experiences on certain illnesses.

An open forum followed where the employees raised several questions and queries to seek further advise on their health conditions. Aurora S. Jose, TTD.