In line with the ERDB’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, the Symposium on ENR Technology Adoption was conducted at the Air Quality Conference Room, Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), Visayas Avenue, Quezon City on December 11, 2017. This activity was attended by the DENR staff bureaus, ERDB and Research Centers’ employees and guests of stakeholders/adopters from different regions.

Director Henry A. Adornado gave the welcome remarks during the opening program. For. Celso P. Diaz., former ERDB Director delivered the keynote address.

There were three adopters who presented their ERDB’’s ENR technologies. These were: (1) CELYO Rizal Inc. of Tuguerarao City, Cagayan on Seedling Production Using Clonal Technology; (2) Mr. Antonio O. Dominao from Impasugong, Bukidnon for the Production of Bamboo Planting Material Using Branch Cuttings, and (3) Balaring Mangrove Planters Association (BAMPA) on Talaba Culture in the Midst of Mangrove Forestation.

In the afternoon session, two papers were presented. These were: (1) ERDB R & D Accomplishment from 1987 – 2017 by Ms. Veronica O. Sihohin, Chief of Technology Transfer Division; and (2) the ERDB-Research Centers R & D Accomplishments (1987-2017) by Dr. Carlos C.Arida, Jr, Research Center Director of Water and Watershed Resources Research Center, Baguio City.

This symposium was successfully undertaken where the stakeholders shared their success stories in adopting ERDB’s technologies that were generated for the last 30 years. Aurora S. Jose, TTD