Now on its 13th year, the 2017 National Biotechnology Week (NBW) organizers sponsored the Forum on the Application of Biotechnology in the Environment at the Fisher Mall Expo Hall 3 in Quezon City.

Dr. Henry Adornado, ERDB Director welcomed the participants and recognized the efforts of the DA for hosting this year’s NBW celebration. “We at the government are in fact confronted with issues on how to better inform the general public of the benefits of biotechnology and positive changes that may be possible through biotechnology.”, he said.

Mrs. Veronica O. Sinohin, Chief of TTD gave the overview of the forum.

Ms. Janine F. Cortiguerra, Science Research Specialist II of ERDB presented the paper “Modified Micropropagation Protocol for Bagras (Eucalyptus deglupta) Blume. She first defined tissue culture/micropropagation. Then, she explained the major stages of micropropagation. She further explained the importance/advantages of using indigenous forest tree species. Lastly, she explained how they modified the previous study made by the previous researchers in developing the protocol for Bagras.

Engr. Niro M. Villaceran of ERDB presented the project “Greening a Wasted Land: The Bagacay Experience”. He described the site of the experimental area in Bagacay. He further explained the methodology of the project including the species planted in the area such as Acacia mangium, Acacia auriculiformis, agoho and narra. He also mentioned the different soil amelioration procedures and the treatments used in the site.

The last presentor was Engr. Joven R. Barcelo, Science Research Specialist I of the Department of Sciene and Technology (DOST). He presented the topic “Microbial-based Technologies for the Rehabilitation of Heavy Metal-Contaminated Waste Water from Mining Site”.

During the open forum, questions were raised on the disposal of heavy metals that will be collected by the plants and the safety of the plants for human consumption which were duly answered by the speakers.

Lastly, Ms. Nery Alba, Head of the Urban, Toxic and Hazardous Wastes Research Center (UTHRC) delivered the closing remarks. Marla V. Cambay, TTD