The Seminar on Congenital Abnormalities of Motor Function or Cerebral Palsy was spearheaded by the ERDB Senior Citizens held at the ERDB Auditorium, College, Laguna on October 19, 2017. It aimed to increase the level of awareness of the ERDB’s employees of their knowledge on Cerebral Palsy and how to protect related sicknesses or illnesses. A total of 90 employees composed of 30 males and 60 females attended this activity.

Dr. Bighani M. Manipula, OIC-Asst. Director of ERDB gave the welcome remarks and commended the senior citizens for having such kind of seminar. He was very thankful to Dr. Ma. Serrie P. Suministrado for giving her time and an opportunity of sharing her knowledge and experiences on congenital abnormalities of motor functions called “cerebral palsy”.

Dr. Suministrado, a neurologist and consultant at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health was the guest speaker. She discussed six important topics: (a) definition of cerebral palsy; (b) signs and symptoms; (c) early warning signs; (d) causes of cerebral palsy; (e) treatment; and (f) prevention of cerebral palsy. An open forum followed wherein there were several questions and queries raised by the employees to seek further advise on their health conditions. Aurora S. Jose, TTD and Nida Reyes, UERD