To show their strong support to Cebu’s various environmental advocacies, the Cebu Garden Club (CGC) recently collaborated with the Biodiversity, Coastal, Wetlands and Ecotourism Research Center (BCWERC) to provide its members relevant information on recent environmental issues, thus enable them to actively promote greener and healthier environments inside and outside their home.

In view of this, the Club invited Dr. Alicia L. Lustica, Center Head of BCWERC to promote environmental education and discuss the topic, ‘Urban Ecotourism and Gardening to Address Climate in a Changing World.’ The lecture cum CGC monthly meeting was conducted last July 3, 2017 at the Laguna Garden Cafē, Ayala Terraces, Cebu City. Thirty-six (36) members attended the activity led by Ms. Ely Carloman, the Cebu Garden Club President.

CGC, the green-thumbed women, according to Ms. Carloman have one thing in common. They love to putter around their gardens, nurture their plants, and in the process assist Mother Nature care for the environment. Aside from engaging themselves in several civic duties, the group is also involved in a range of activities that helped protect and conserve Cebu’s natural resources. Members, although engaged in various forms of advocacy make it to a point to attend to their monthly meeting to keep themselves informed specially on social and environmental issues.

Dr. Lustica, during her lecture stated that it is very important to ensure that tourists will experience more than just the key urban landmark attractions. She emphasized that every city in this country should also provide alternative ecological destinations, such as attractive gardens and landscapes, that both local and foreign tourists will always look forward visiting. However, urban ecotourism destinations are not commonly available therefore, she challenged Garden Club members to look at a relatively simple way of developing sustainable urban ecotourism through gardening in a changing climate.

Included in Dr. Lustica’s lecture were topics on Urban and Traditional Ecotourism, Its Challenges and Opportunities, Gardening in a Changing Climate, Types of Urban Ecotourism Gardens, Creative Ideas in Maintaining a Garden, and Eco Friendly Gardening Ideas, among others.

Aside from coastal and wetland resources management, BCWERC of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) aims to continuously boost its effort in providing technical assistance to clientele on biodiversity conservation, ecotourism development, which includes promotion of urban ecotourism. Ann F. Jumawan, BCWERC