As part of the ERDB Youth program and internship process, 20 college students taking different courses underwent the Youth for Environment Schools (YES) Campaign and Ecotour on July 13, 2017. Through the YES Campaign and Ecotour, they had a glimpse of the Bureau’s wide array of research endeavors in all ecosystems including the forests, coastal zone, freshwater and marine, and urban. They were also equipped with information on the youth environmental advocacies of the DENR, biotechnology, and gender roles in research. Further, they toured at the ERDB’s bamboo and rattan gallery showcasing various uses of these non-timber forest products. From these activities, the ERDB Youth Program Coordinators and the Human Resource Development sought to stimulate their interest on environment-related researches as future environmental stewards of the country.  Donnabel A. Elpedes (FERD) and For. Ma. Kristina P. Orpia (OD); photos by Mr. Adriane Patrick G. Villegas