Despite their busy schedule on different research activities, the ERDB players took time to join the DENR Inter-Bureau Sportsfest 2017 and placed second in overall rankings. The said sportsfest was held on May 8 to June 9 in the DENR Central Office. Other awards received by ERDB players were: champion in badminton, 2nd place in men’s basketball and women’s volleyball, 3rd place in men’s volleyball, women’s table tennis, and darts, 4th place in men’s table tennis and 6th place in chess.

ERDB players also received special awards. Ms. Imelda Villamayor was awarded as “Best Libero” in women’s volleyball and Mr. Branett Gabales was the “Best Blocker” in men’s volleyball.

The overall champion was the NAMRIA, and the third place was the Office of the Secretary. Director Henry A. Adornado congratulated all the ERDB players and acknowledged their efforts in joining the event. Photo and text by Ann Valerie V. Gillado, TTD