The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) through the Technology Transfer Division (TTD) in coordination with the Local Government Unit of General Nakar, Quezon designed a capability building cum hands-on demonstration on the three (3) ENR technologies for the livelihood of the local community of Batangan, General Nakar. These trainings were: (a) Refresher Course on Bamboo Propagation, Plantation Establishment and Management; (b) A Sustainable Agroforestry Technologies; (c) Clonal Propagation of Indigenous Forest Tree Species - Non-Misting Technology. This activity was done on May 16 to 18, 2017 at the Brgy Chapel, Purok Waling-Waling in Barangay Batangan, General Nakar, Quezon.

The capability building cum hands-on demonstration aimed to equip the local people of Barangay Batangan with technical knowledge and skills on bamboo propagation, plantation on establishment and management, non-misting technology of clonal propagation of indigenous forest tree species and agroforestry. Specifically, the activity aimed to: (1) impart knowledge on the different techniques on bamboo propagation, clonal propagation using non-misting technology, and sustainable agroforestry to the participants; (2) capacitate the participants to demonstrate the techniques learned; and (3) enable the participants to apply the technologies as source of livelihoods in Barangay Batangan, General Nakar.

The expected outputs of this activity were to: (1) learn the techniques of utilizing the ENR technologies; and (2) develop an action plan for the ENR technologies which will be adopted as sustainable livelihood.

Forty-one (41) participants attended this activity coming from 7 puroks, namely: Rosal, Sampaguita, Camia, Waling-Waling, Daisy, Gumamela, and Ilang-Ilang in Barangay Batangan. The participants were composed of 29 females and 12 males.

In the opening program, Executive Assistant Aaron Astoveza and Brgy Captain, Diosdado C. Borreo of Barangay Batangan gave the welcome remarks in behalf of Mayor, Eliseo R. Ruzol,. Dr. Henry A. Adornado, Director of Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) made an inspirational message. In his message, he stressed that the Enhanced or Expanded National Greening Program needs 1B hectares of bamboo plantation through quality planting materials which can be possible sources of alternative livelihood of the local people.

After this activity, For. Digno C. Garcia discussed the 1st topic on bamboo propagation and plantation establishment and management. He explained the kinds and types and uses of bamboo, production of planting materials of bamboos, plantation establishment and management of bamboo plantation. Bamboo propagation hands-on demonstration and field exercises were also undertaken with the technical assistance of Mr. Edgardo E. Castillo.

On the 2nd day, the topic on clonal propagation technology using non-misting was explained by For. Enrico L. Barbosa. He discussed the difference between mist and non-mist techniques. Afterwards, the non-mist hands-on demonstration and field exercises were held at the nursery with the technical assistance of Mr. Allan P. Alinsunurin.

On the 3rd day, the topic on sustainable agroforestry technologies was discussed by Dr. Lucena U. Mercado. She explained the various agroforestry techniques on the conservation of the soil/land. She also demonstrated how to make an “A-Frame” and actual application of this technique.

The activity was successfully undertaken. Majority of the participants rated the activity as “excellent”. They learned a lot from the training in which the three technologies can be possible sources of alternative livelihood in the future. Aurora S. Jose, TTD