In support to the DENR’s vision for a clean and healthy environment, the ERDB –UTHRC implements projects/studies which would help rehabilitate polluted waterways and wastes reservoirs in selected urban areas. In CY 2015, UTHRC applied the phytoremediation scheme thru the establishment of floating gardens. Different plant species i.e pennywort, bandera española, and marian were planted in these floating gardens.

Engr. Teresa Salanguit, the project leader claimed that such scheme is one of the most economic and safer options to ease waterways of Metro Manila from pollutants such as heavy metals and excessive nutrients. To date, floating gardens are being set up in Balihatar and Dalic Creeks in the cities of Las Piñas and Parañaque, respectively. The floating gardens are made up of bamboo raft and pet bottles. Such gardens are being maintained while survival and growth performance and toxic pollution uptake of the planted species are being monitored.

Relatively, Ms. Nery A. Alba, UTHRC Center Head reiterates that phytoremediation scheme using floating gardens will not only help reduce pollution but become a way to strengthen partnership among the Cities of Parañaque and Las Piñas. Hence, building a stronger collaboration in the pursuit of improved environmental quality will achieve a cleaner and healthier environment, enhance resilience of natural systems and improve the adaptive capacities of human communities and minimize environmentally hazardous wastes and toxic substances. UTHRC