In relation to the enhanced-National Greening Program (e-NGP), the Watershed and Water Resources Research Center (WWRRC) extended technical assistance to DENR–PENRO Nueva Ecija through the conduct of trainings on Bamboo Propagation, Plantation Establishment and Management. The training was initiated by PENRO Nueva Ecija wherein two staff of WWRRC were invited as resource speakers during the trainings held at the Science City of Muñoz and Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija on February 6-7 and February 14-15, 2017, respectively. The participants were leaders of People’s Organization (PO), Local Government Units (LGU) and extension officers of NGP in the province. A total of 30 participants attended the training held in Munoz while 41 participants in Gabaldon Nueva Ecija, mostly male at 73 % and ages ranged from 20 years - 66 years old.

Aside from the lecture, the participants were also trained on the selection of right planting materials and the proper procedure on cutting of branches or culm. Different species have different propagation methods. Among the propagation methods demonstrated were branch cuttings commonly used for Giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper) and Bayog (Dendrocalamus merillianus). Culm cutting is usually used for Kawayan kiling (Bambusa vulgaris), Kawayan tinik (Bambusa blumeana) and also for Bayog. The Green buho (Scyzostachym lumampao) can be propagated thru offset or clump division. Aside from Giant bamboo, all the species mentioned above can be propagated thru offset. The proper procedure on propagation at the nursery like potting was also demonstrated and experienced by the participants. Emphasis was given to the propagation of priority species such as Kawayan tinik, Kawayan kiling, Bayog, Buho and Giant bamboo. Bamboo plantation establishment and maintenance and protection both in the nursery and plantation were also discussed during the training.

The video on “Bamboo Facts and Prospects for Sustainable Development” prepared by ERDB was also viewed by the participants to have a better understanding and appreciation of the importance and benefits gained from bamboo such as its economic and environmental values.

A total of 26 POs will be participating in the e-NGP wherein 17 POs will come from South Nueva Ecija and eight (8) from Northern Nueva Ecija under the jurisdiction of CENRO Cabanatuan and CENRO Muñoz, respectively. The local government of some municipalities/cities with forestland and riverbanks to be rehabilitated will also become partners of the DENR thru the eNGP. These POs and LGUs were participants on the training, hence they were encouraged to become partners of the DENR to such undertakings. Alma Domingo, WWRRC