The ERDB GAD-IEC (Gender and Development - Information, Education and Communication) headed by For. Romana A. Mauricio successfully conducted the Gising Diwa on March 7, 2014 in Sta. Rosa Central III Elementary School. The participants were composed of selected Grade V students.


The program started with the opening prayer from a student. The emcee was For. Paul Cuadra. Mrs. Apolonia B. Aldaba, the school principal gave the welcome remarks. She thanked ERDB for sharing the knowledge on the environment to their students.

For. Romana A. Mauricio gave a brief background on ERDB and the Gender and Development Focal Point System. She also presented the topic on the Dynamics and Importance of Water and the Water Cycle.

Dr. Ma. Lourdes Moreno discussed the topic "Biodiversity and You". She explained the meaning of biodiversity. She also presented the number of species of plants and animals that can be found in the Philippines. She likewise gave three 3 components of biodiversity namely: genetic, species and ecosystems diversity. Aside from this, she underscored the importance of biodiversity. She also stated that we are losing 1,000-10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate of animal and plant extinction. Furthermore, she identified the threats on biodiversity such as habitat loss and degradation, illegal logging, mining, forest fires, encroachment and others. Lastly, she suggested ways on how to conserve biodiversity.

Engr. Lorlina A. Calderon presented a lecture on how to survive a 72-hour disaster.

After the presentation, the children posted the leaf-shaped cartolina on the board with a written environmental commitment to mother earth. Marla V. Cambay, TDD