The capacity building cum writeshop on ENR technology assessment and post evaluation of transferred technologies was conducted on November 8 – 11, 2016 at the Boy Scouts of the Philippines Hotel, College, Laguna. The said activity was attended by the ERDB-Main and Research Centers technical staff. The workshop aimed to: (1) provide participants with the basic framework of technology assessment, monitoring, and post-evaluation procedure; (2) introduce participants to basic tools and methods of technology assessment, monitoring, and evaluation; and (3) assist participants in writing technology characterization and post-evaluation reports. The expected .outputs were: (a) enhanced competency of ERDB staff on the use of tools and methods of technology assessment, monitoring and evaluation; (b) enhanced technology assessment, monitoring and evaluation tools; and (c) technology characterization report and post-evaluation reports of transferred ENR technologies.

The 4-day program of activities consisted of lectures and a workshop. The various topics discussed by the resource speakers were: (1) Overview of technology assessment, technology classification and characterization, analysis of potential social impact and technological, legal and institutional analysis by Dr. Roberto F. Rañola, Jr.; (2) Environmental analysis by Prof. Alessadro A. Manilay; (3) Financial analysis by Dr. Marilyn M. Elauria; and (4) Monitoring, evaluation framework and processes, evaluation indicators and performance assessment by Prof. Christine Joyce B. Mendoza.

After the workshop, the next steps or way forward to be undertaken were explained to the participants. Aurora S. Jose, TTD