Capacity building under the PARTNER BOND activity is a strategy being undertaken in relation to the promotion/dissemination of ENR technology. Relatively, a group called ENR Livelihood Advocates Group (ELTAG) composed of representatives from the Local Government Units of Metro Manila was organized in CY 2012 by then ERDS-NCR and quarterly meetings are being regularly spearheaded. The ELTAG is a partner of DENR in the advocacy campaign towards promotion of ENR technology. On November 16, 2016, the UTHRC-TPPU facilitates the 4th ELTAG Quarterly Meeting held at Valenzuela City Social Hall. Attendees of the activity include a total of fifteen (15) representatives from the seven (7) cities of Metro Manila. The participants are composed of 5 males and 10 females.

After the conduct of meeting for an update of member’s ongoing projects and related plans, a visit to Valenzuela ENR-related projects is part of the day’s activity. The Valenzuela Solar Farm and the Material Recovery Facility of Barangay Balangkas are the areas visited by the group. Said tour is being undertaken as part of the strategies for technology promotion and awareness. Moreover, such undertaking increases the environmental related knowledge and appreciation to the ENR projects/ technologies by the members. Hence, replication of the ENR projects/technologies could be made/adopted in other ELTAG member areas of jurisdiction.