The Phillippine-Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystems Services (Phil-WAVES) conducted a seminar on October 18, 2016 at the ERDB Auditorium.

Forty participants attended the seminar which were composed of the members of the ERDB Executive Committee, technical staff representative from the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), World Bank and Wageningen University in Netherlands.

The first speaker was Mr. Reynaldo F. Fullero who introduced the Phil-WAVES program. He briefly discussed the goals and objectives of the program. Furthermore, he explained how the Phil-WAVES will help the government in drafting the next Phillippine Development Plan.

The main speaker, Dr. Lars Hein of the Wageningen University in Netherlands presented the following: ecosystems accounting framework and application, production of accounts thru modeling, valuation, and the studies/projects of Phil-WAVES in Laguna de Bay and Palawan as the pilot sites. He also presented the method on how to produce the accounts thru modeling using the Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping.

Dr. Hein also discussed the project in Laguna de Bay and Palawan. The study in Laguna de Bay showed that a number of people living in the flood prone zones have stringy increases, which urgently needs emergency response plans and land use planning. The study also showed that pollution is increasing due to lack of connectivity of households to sewage. The last issue mentioned is on sedimentation which is adversely affecting flood control services within the Laguna de Bay.

The final part of the discussion was the Phillippines’ possible next steps through Phil-WAVES project. These include the formulation of a policy to address land use planning, development of a methodology for data collection and to start an ecosystem extent accounting. Jamella M. de Castro, UERD