Twenty-nine BS in Forestry students from the University of the Phillippines Los Baños (UPLB) were introduced to the different extension programs of the bureau on October 5, 2016 at the ERDB Auditorium. The group was led by Ms. Felisa L. Malabayabas, Faculty-in-Charge on the Forestry Extension course. The course aims to orient the students on the theories and practices in extension education as applied in forestry; and analysis of forest extension programs in the Phillippines.

Ms. Marla V. Cambay, Information Officer III of ERDB made an introduction by giving a brief history of ERDB including its vision and mission, organizational setup, notable accomplishments and RDE programs/projects.

Ms. Ma. Vienna O. Austria, Project Leader of the Partner Bond Project (Pro-Active Response Towards Nurturing Environmental Relations: A Barangay Outreach Project based on Community Needs and Demands) of ERDB presented their experience in implementing the project.

Ms. Felisa L. Malabayabas thanked the ERDB group for the briefing and she said this is the first time that her class was oriented on an extension activity of ERDB. Marla V. Cambay, TTD