In line with the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau’s (ERDB) continuous program for the senior citizens, a forum on health and wellness for the elderly was conducted on July 18, 2016 at the ERDB auditorium.

ERDB Assistant Director Antonio M. Daño opened the program. He stressed the importance of conducting such activities for the wellness of the older employees of the Bureau.

Ms. Ma. Cristina L. Raymundo, Senior Health Program Officer from the Department of Health (DOH), served as the resource speaker of the forum which was attended by around 35 ERDB employees aged 50 and above. Ms. Raymundo, a nurse by profession, discussed about different national policies and programs for the senior citizens including health care, 20% discount for basic commodities and services, and PhilHealth benefits among others.

During the open forum, the participants took the opportunity to ask questions, particularly on health benefits, which Ms. Raymundo knowledgeably answered. They were also very thankful because through the discussion, they learned about their rights and privileges as elderly Filipinos.

To lightly end the forum, Ms. Raymundo invited all of the participants to sing along to the OPM classic “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko”, which they gamely obliged to. Melanie N. Ojeda, TTD