Director Henry A. Adornado of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) and President Honorio M. Soriano of the Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the joint implementation of the study entitled “Application of Propagation Protocols Developed in the Growth and Survival of Superior Indigenous Forest Tree Species” under the ERDB’s Genetic improvement Project last April 22, 2016 at Abe’s Farm and Resort in Magalang, Pampanga.

The ERDB delegation was composed of Dr. Carlos S. Arida, Sr, Center Head of the Water and Watershed Resources Research Center (WWRRC); Forester Kristine Marie S. Amatus, the Study Leader; Forester Romana A. Mauricio and Mrs. Fe Cortiguerra. For PSAU, the MOA signing was witnessed by Dr. Darwin E. Totaan, the Project Coordinator for the study, Auditor Melvic T. Parel and Accountant Maria Pia D. Dinio.

Director Adornado expressed his gratitude for this partnership which is in line with the bureaus’ effort of producing genetically improved forest tree species to be distributed to tree farmers later on. He also recognized the kind of leadership PSAU is doing in maximizing government’s efforts in using the technology, and in improving the technical know-how of PSAU academic community. He also commended PSAU for being the top performer in clonal technology.

In response, President Soriano also expressed his appreciation to ERDB under the leadership of Director Adornado, together with Dr. Arida. President Soriano mentioned that he underscores the importance of the project, but he believes that this aspect is being neglected in massive tree planting. He reiterates that the study is very timely and significant for tree farmers, as they can acquire site-specific technologies to help them manage their tree farms.

This study is the second joint venture of ERDB and PSAU under Genetic Improvement Project. In 2013, the ERDB through the Ecosystem Research and Development Services (ERDS)- Region 3 and PSAU established 2-hectare narra provenance trial plantation, followed by the establishment of the molave provenance trial plantation in 2014. Because of the successful implementation and maintenance of the provenance trial in PSAU, ERDB has been encouraged to make a partnership with the university again. Romana A. Mauricio, Kristine Marie S. Amatus and Fe C. Cortiguerra, FERD