Trees provide great benefits to people that is the reason why health assessment and rehabilitation are important to extend tree life to bring back its beauty and form. Thus, the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) team composed of Forester Cecille Quiambao-Marquez, Mr. Jose Aniciete, Mr. Jay Senson, Mr. Gilbert Buenaobra and Mr. Jester Ralph Mangilin of the Laboratory and Experimental Services Division conducted an initial tree risk assessment and rehabilitation to record the health and condition of eight trees from February 22 to March 10, 2016 within the ERDB premises.

Based on ocular inspection, 62.5% of the target trees have normal overall health status; while 37.5% of the target trees have low overall health status. Presence of ants, termites, scorpion, earthworms, beetles, and epiphytes were also observed.

Tree defects were assessed and categorized into crown and branches, trunk, and roots and crowns. Tree rehabilitation activities done were surgery, pruning and sanitation cutting.

Continuous health assessment and rehabilitation of defective and diseased trees within the ERDB premises will be done within the next two (2) quarters. Cecille Q. Marquez, LESD