In line with the IEC campaign of the Urban, Toxic Substances and Hazardous Wastes Research Center (UTHRC), hands-on training is being used as one of the strategies for technology promotion. In response to the request of the members of the Metro Agri Community Association (MACA), Quezon City, Technology Packaging and Promotion Unit (TPPU - UTHRC) facilitated a Hands-on Training on Charcoal Briquetting Technology (CBT) at the SAMAKAT CBT Project, Taguig City on April 2, 2016. The Samahan ng May Kapansanan (SAMAKAT) sa Taguig continues to adopt the Charcoal Briquetting Technology (CBT) project in Brgy. Bagong Kalsada, Taguig City. Hence, it is now being used as the demo area for the said project.

A total of 11 members of the Metro Agri Community Association were given an actual training on the said technology. Mr. Mario Galvez, President of the SAMAKAT gave a short lecture before the actual demo of the process. On the other hand, Ms. Salvacion Samson, a UTHRC staff showed the necessary equipment that is used in the production of briquettes as well as the proper setting up of the equipment. After the actual demonstration, Ms. Diana Gernandiso, President of the MACA pledged her support to the CBT project. Accordingly, she believes that CBT is an outstanding practice to support the recycling process under the solid waste management. UTHRC