Korea Forest Service (KFS) representatives were at the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) on April 21 for a consultation meeting on the proposed Department of Environment and Natural Resources-KFS cooperation project.


They were briefed by Dr. Henry A. Adornado, ERDB Acting Director, on the bureau's accomplishments in National Greening Program, particularly the application of clonal technology to produce quality planting materials.

Korean experts were also toured at the ERDB clonal nurseries. They were accompanied by ERDB and Forest Management Bureau staff.

"We hope we could be partners in this undertaking. We can combine the clonal technology of the Philippines and Korea toward the common goal of producing quality planting materials," said Dr. Adornado.

The meeting aimed to provide the Korean experts a grasp of the general nursery and plantation system in the country.

It was part of the KFS weeklong visit to the Philippines to assess the proposed project site in Bataan for the establishment of clonal nursery facility and demonstration forest. Media Group, NGP-PQPM