The Forest Ecosystem Research Division (FERD) of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) conducted the 2015 Year-End Assessment of its R & D Program on Forest Ecosystems Resiliency and Sustainability last January 8, 2016 at the ERDB Auditorium.

Looking back and looking forward — For. Florita E. Siapno, OIC-Division Chief, led the activity by presenting the overview of the program as well as the 2017-2022 road map of the Division. Then, study leaders and staff presented the highlights of CY 2015 accomplishments and CY 2016 targets. An open forum followed to help identify and address major issues and concerns of the studies.

The Division currently implements 15 studies under 5 projects namely Forest Vulnerability and Risks Assessment; Genetic Improvement of Forest Tree Species for Quality Wood Production; Rehabilitation and Restoration of Degraded Areas; Forest Ecosystems Services and Resources Valuation; and Bamboo for Green Environment and Green Economy of the Philippines.

Having the biggest program in ERDB, proper planning and preparation is really essential for the smooth implementation of all projects and development of significant technologies and policy recommendations.

A total of 40 FERD personnel (project/study leaders and staff and 10 researchers (study leaders) from other divisions participated in the activity. Dr. Antonio M. Daño (ERDB OIC-Assistant Director) and Mr. Angelito B. Exconde (Administrative Finance and Management Division Chief) also took part in the one-day activity. They provided program insights and updates and assured administrative support from the Management. Donnabel A. Elpedes & Janine Kaysee R. Soriano (FERD)