The Ecosystems and Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) and Land Management, Agroforestry and Upland Farming Technology Research Center (LAUFTeRC) conducted a Stakeholders' Capacity Building on "Bamboo Propagation and Plantation Establishment" on September 24-25, 2015 at the Municipal Conference Hall, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. The activity is part of ERDB-LAUFTeRC technology transfer to support the Local Government Unit (LGU), augment livelihood options and resources conservation.

The capacity building aims to: a) provide participants with updates and trigger their interest on bamboo industry; b) enhance knowledge of stakeholders' on the importance and versatility of bamboo to environment and various industries; c) capacitate the participants on improved technologies on bamboo propagation; and d) develop/improve skills of participants on bamboo plantation establishment and maintenance.

Thirty-two (32) participants attended the capacity building comprising of LGU staff and farmers of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. Hon. Mayor Loreto S. Perez and Hon. Vice Mayor Ramon G. Solas gave the inspirational message and welcome remarks, respectively. OIC-Head of LAUFTeRC Dr. Lucena U. Mercado discussed the background, rationale, objectives and schedule of activities of the capacity building.

For. Cer Jay B. Jimenez and Engr. Niro M. Villaceran served as resource persons. Topics discussed were: a) General Procedures on Macro-Somatic Clonal Propagation (Juvenile Shoot Cuttings); b) Importance and Versatility of Bamboo as an Agroforestry Crop to Support Various Industries; c) Bamboo Propagation Techniques; d) Bamboo Plantation Establishment; and e) Bamboo Plantation Maintenance and Protection. Hands-on applications of learning were facilitated by Mr. Edgardo M. Castillo at ERDB Macro-Somatic Clonal Nursery and Bambusetum in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro.

During the hands-on application of learning, Mr. Castillo demonstrated the proper way to: a) select appropriate bamboo propagules to propagate; b) harvest the selected bamboo propagules; c) manage/treat the selected bamboo propagules; d) plant bamboo propagules in the plastic bag with soil media; and e) maintain the newly planted bamboo propagules. All of the participants actively participated in the lecture and hands-on application of learning. They are very eager and enthusiastic to perform what they have learned from the capacity building.

Ms. Lolita C. Cabungcal, OIC-Head, Calapan City, Oriental, Mindoro facilitated the administrative concerns and forward actions of the participants. The different bamboo products being produced in the area and the type of bamboo used to prepare the products were gathered for database purposes. Bamboo products manufactured in the area are used for furniture, decorations, building materials and food. All the bamboo products are made from Kawayang tinik (Bambusa blumeana).

The closing program was delivered by Hon. Vice Mayor Ramon G. Solas of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. He acknowledged ERDB for bamboo and clonal technologies that have promoted and he encouraged the participants to propagate bamboo even in their backyard. Cer Jay B. Jimenez, FERD