To assess and evaluate the progress and status of implementation of the different research and development programs/projects/studies of the entire ERDB vis-à-vis the submitted work and financial plans, the ERDB conducted an annual in-house review for all on-going and completed researches implemented for CY 2014-2015 on Sept. 21-22, 2015 at the ERDB Auditorium.

The activity aimed to: (a) assess and evaluate the RDE programs and other priority projects in terms of status of implementation, activities undertaken and the attainment of objectives, targets, deliverables and outcomes of the projects and studies; (b) identify problems met during the project implementation and recommend specific courses of action such as continuation, extension, modification of planned activities and methodology, suspension, and termination in accordance with the recommendations of the panel of evaluators; (c) identify technologies generated requiring field testing, verification and piloting; and (d) identify mature technologies and/or significant results ready for packaging, dissemination, as well as formulation of policy, guidelines, bulletin and as inputs to development/action planning.

These activities were undertaken by the ERDB Main Office and six Research Centers to strengthen the RDE systems and processes in achieving a sustainably managed environment and natural resources. Aurora Jose, PMISU