BS Forestry students from Bicol University College of Agriculture and Forestry (BUCAF) conducted educational tour at the Land Management, Agroforestry and Upland Farms Technology Research Center (LMAUFTRC) on August 18. The 65 second year and third year students, led by Prof. Alberto B. Gonzales, visited the LMAUFTRC as part of their learning activities and laboratory exercises in Taxonomy, Morphology, Dendrology, and Nursery Establishment and Management.

LMAUFTRC OIC-Center Head Lucena U. Mercado welcomed the BUCAF's BS Forestry students and Ms. Ruby M. Macasinag gave a brief orientation about the office and surveyed about learning in an alternative venue.

The students were toured at the nearby upland forest where they collected samples from the various tree species for their herbarium collection. The tour was led by the LMAUFTRC staff, Mr. Jay Gomez, Mr. Rafael Porte, Ms. Jesselit Candelaria and Mr. Jonathan Morcozo.

Grafting technique, clonal production processes, quality seedling production using mycorrhiza were demonstrated to the students by Ms. Donna Magdaraog, Ms. Alicia Bernadas and Mr. Jay Morcozo, and Heza Leigh Padua and Jesselit Candelaria, respectively.

The tour ended in the clonal nursery with Mr. Rafael Porte's demonstration on sowing and transplanting of cuttings at the misting chamber, a key part of the clonal nursery propagation techniques. Emerson Ranara, LMAUFTRC