The Capacity Building on Bamboo and Forest Tree Propagation was held on September 3, 2015 in Dolores, Quezon through the ERDB's Pro-Active Response Towards Nurturing Environmental Relations: a Barangay Outreach project based on Community Needs and Demands (PARTNER-BOND )Project. The program started with the invocation and singing of the national anthem.

Dolores Vice Mayor Mario Milan, Jr. delivered the opening remarks, followed by the PARTNER-BOND Project Leader, Ms. Marla V. Cambay's explanation of the training rationale.

The first topic was on bamboo propagation and plantation establishment which was tackled by Mr. Niro Villaceran of the Laboratory and Experimental Services Divison (LESD). He presented the different kinds of bamboo and the types of bamboo for propagation and production of planting materials of bamboo. He also tackled the establishment and management of bamboo plantation and uses of bamboo. Lastly, he demonstrated the planting of bamboo cuttings using the one-node and two-node methods of planting.

In the afternoon, Mr. Alan Alinsunurin of LESD gave a demonstration on forest tree propagation specifically the forest tree propagation using the clonal propagation: non-mist. An open forum followed after each topic, and evaluation forms were filled out by the participants after the demonstration. The certificates of appreciation were awarded to the speakers. Marla V. Cambay, UERD