The Pro-Active Response Towards Nurturing Environmental Relations: a Barangay Outreach project based on Community Needs and Demands (PARTNER-BOND) Project of ERDB conducted a bamboo planting activity on August. 28, 2015 in Barangay Batangan, General Nakar, Quezon along the Sierra Madre Mountain.

The ERDB through the project donated 200 seedlings of kawayan tinik and giant bamboo. The group was met by Mr. Rolly Velasco, President of the Peoples Organization Batangan General Nakar Fish Farmers' Association Inc. (BGNFFAI) and its members. The site is located at the Abaca creek which is being managed by PO with 90 members. The area has been declared as an Alienable and Disposable Land of the Municipal Government of Gen. Nakar. The planting area is more than 100 hectares. Aside from the 200 seedlings of bamboo, the group also gave eight seedlings of different ornamental bamboos for their bambusetum near the dumpsite.

Around 30 members of the PO joined the tree planting activity, while eight participants came from the LGU of General Nakar which was headed by MENRO Jing Astejada. The activity is expected to restore and rehabilitate denuded areas along Sierra Madre mountain ranges, and also provide livelihood to the members of the PO. Marla V. Cambay, TTD