Forestry students from 24 countries who are members of International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA) were at the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) on August 4 for a tour in ERDB facilities.

IFSA in collaboration with ERDB aims to inform the students of current issues in environment and natural resources in local and international perspective and explore and gain knowledge about the Philippine forest, environment and society.

The students were toured at the Los Baños Experiment Station (LBES) and at the ERDB bamboo and rattan gallery, laboratories, and clonal facilities. Forester Gregorio E. Santos spearheaded the tour and discussed some of the technologies in the bureau.

ERDB Acting Director Henry A. Adornado welcomed the foreign students and said that he was glad that they visited the ERDB. He also shared that he was hoping that the students would learn something from their visit and would be familiar with the new challenges in the environment that the Foresters would encounter. Forestry students, Miguel from Finland and Philip from Germany both thanked the ERDB and said that they learned many things from the tour. Ann Valerie V. Gillado, TTD