The ERDB participated in the celebration of the 28th DENR Anniversary on June 10, 2015. The event was participated in by the different DENR offices, bureaus, attached agencies and regional offices. The program started at 7 AM in front of the DENR Main Building followed by the thanksgiving mass. Afterwards, the connecting road of the DENR Central Office to the MGB Office, North Avenue, Quezon City was inaugurated.

DENR Secretary Ramon JP. Paje expressed his deepest appreciation and thanks to all the DENR employees for working hard to execute the plans, programs, projects and activities of the Department. He acknowledged all the staff of the departments from the rank and file employees to the officials who contributed to the success of the DENR's 28th Anniversary Celebration.


The special intermission number was shown by "El Gamma Penumbra" which is a Filipino, all male, shadow play group, best known for being the winner of the first season of Asia's Got Talent. The group presented dances portraying the message of caring for the environment and natural resources as well as the typhoon "Yolanda" which is the deadliest typhoon ever recorded, devastating central Philippines particularly Region 8.

An important announcement in the celebration was the granting of the Performance Evaluation Incentive (PEI) with an equivalent amount of one (1) month salary for every employee.

For ERDB, 56 employees participated in the activity. Likewise, seven (7) males from ERDB imitated the VST and Company through a medley of songs.

The closing activity was an announcement of winners and a Blackout Bingo. Aurora S. Jose, PMISU