The Management Information Section of the Planning and Management Information Services Unit (MIS_PMISU) of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) facilitated the upgrading of the Bureau's internet connection to cater to the growing demand in internet access and to speed up its network utility.


Currently, ERDB has two internet service providers namely: (PLDT with 5Mbps static connection and KWIKNET-10 Mbps-dynamic connection). The MIS Section proposed to upgrade the present bureau's internet to Shared Internet Connectivity (Static IP) with Bandwith Package of KS-2@20Mbps with Upstream up to 6Mbps and Downstream to 20Mbps. It also has a special provision of upgrading the internet connection to direct internet connectivity via Fiber Optic Link with bandwith package of minimum 10Mbps with same monthly payment terms.

The Bureau awarded the contract to Community Cable KWIKNET (CCVC-KWIKNET) effective May 2015. The Contract of Agreement for KWIKNET Hi-Speed Broadband Internet Service and the ERDB was signed by Acting Director Dr. Henry A. Adornado. Aurora S. Jose and Aldrin Q. de Roxas, MIS-PMISU