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Trainors’ Training on Impact Assessment of CBFM-CARP Projects in the Philippines
Posted: 2012-04-04 06:03:49

The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) conducted the Trainors’ Training on Impact Assessment of CBFM-CARP Projects in the Philippines on March 18-24, 2012 at the Maria Paz Royale Garden Resort, Sta. Filomena, San Pablo City, Laguna.

The five-day training workshop aimed to: a) train the members of the IAT on how to conduct interviews using the right questions and how they could be effectively administered to generate the required data and information; and b) teach the participants how these data and information should be properly coded, statistically analyzed using prescribed statistical software, and how they will be interpreted and translated into the formal impact assessment reports.

Sixty (60) participants from 16 DENR regional offices (1 ERDS &1 FMS personnel), Forest Management Bureau (FMB), DENR National Coordinating Office (NCO), and ERDB attended the training workshop. The following topics were discussed with the respective resource persons: 1) Basic Concepts and Principles of Impact Assessment-Dr. Lope Calanog; 2) Data Requirements of Impact Assessment Study-Dr. Lope Calanog; 3) Data Gathering techniques-Ms. Vienna Austria; 4) Tasks of Field Supervisor and Enumerator and Do's and Don'ts in Interviewing-Ms. Mylene Aparente; 5) Importance of Statistics in Social Surveys-Dr. Carmela Taguiam; 6) Population and Survey Sampling-Ms. Rowena Payuan; 7) Lecture and Hands-On on the Use of SPSS and SPSS Application-Dr. Carmela Taguiam; 8)Data Coding, Analysis and Interpretation/Development of Codebook and Data Entry-For. Ma. Lourdes Reyes; and 9) Report Writing and Packaging-Dr. Lope Calanog. Sally Orobia/Malou Reyes

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