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Bagacay RDE Project Extended to 2016
Posted: 2012-08-24 06:17:20

The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau's RDE project on "Rehabilitation Strategies and Ecotourism Development for Mined-out and Waste Dump Areas in Bagacay, Hinabangan, Western Samar" initially programmed for completion in year 2013 is extended up to the end of 2016. What will be done in the extension phase was discussed during the planning workshop held on August 7-8, 2012 at Kamayan Resort, Subic, Zambales.

The Planning workshop addressed legal and institutional challenges and came up with sustainable rehabilitation strategies to further improve the project. Within the framework of the Bagacay Project, important tasks will be continued alongside the implementation of new ones.

According to Angelito B. Exconde, Bagacay Project Leader, the new deliverables include the production of a coffee table book as a concrete documentation of the accomplishments of the Bagacay Project.

Ms. Prima Amable of MGB Region 8 presented the overview of the "Bagacay Mines Rehabilitation Project" and the milestone accomplishments.

Dr. Rafael Cadiz discussed the project's "Phytoremediation Strategies". Ms. Mylene Aparente reported on the economic analysis of the project. Dr. Carmela Taguiam presented the socio-cultural component and the results of the survey conducted with the households in Brgy. Mabuhay, Taft and Barangays Bagacay/Cansolabao, Hinabangan, Western Samar. She also identified the positive and negative impacts of the project based on the data secured from the interview with community locals.

The ecotourism component was presented by Dr. Lope Calanog. He identified the ecoadventure type as the most fitted activity in Bagacay.

The Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Strategy was discussed by Mr. AngelitoExconde as an important scheme to raise awareness of the communities on the drivers of change of in the Bagacay mined-out areas. Among these are the community members / local leaders, Local Government Units (LGUs), policy makers, tourists, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Peoples Organizations (POs), Government Organizations (GOs) and Mining companies.

The IEC materials produced through the project were: brochures, poster papers, posters, flyers and tarpaulin. He also announced the future IEC plans will include the audio-visual presentation, production of communication materials in Waray and other dialects, holding of seminars and focus group discussions and press release.

For. Gregorio Santos, Jr. presented the "Political and Institutional Issues Affecting the Implementation of the Project". He emphasized the institutionalizing of collaboration as a strategy to resolve environmental conflicts. He explained how to go about collaboration process including problem setting, direction setting, and implementation.

Mr. Carlito Buante reported on the "Bagacay Mines then and now". He also presented the Bagacay mines before the rehabilitation activities and status of the area after the rehabilitation measures were introduced.

The Planning Workshop identified the research gaps and preparation of research activities of the project extension as follows:

  • Phytoremediation Component - 4 Main Research Activities were planned in the period of 4 years with the budget of 6.5M
  • A built-in part of the Phytoremediation component is the Economic Analysis focused on rehabilitation cost
  • Ecotourism Development Component - 3 major activities mainly survey and field observation with 2 Million Budget
  • IEC Component - Budget of 1 M, coordinate IEC activities of ERDB with MGB as suggested by Ms. Amable of MGB-R8
  • Institutional and Socio-Cultural Components

The presentation of the Output of the Workshop by the various components (Phytoremediation, Ecotourism, IEC and Institutional and Socio-Cultural components) followed.

Another major activity during the workshop was devoted to the discussion on the production of the Coffee Table Book.

Finally, Engr. Paolo Nilo T. Tidalgo of ACCEL Consutant made the presentation of WB-MGB Geo-environment Risk Assessment and Preparation of Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Plan for Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc.

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