To promote transparency in the ERDB with regard to the manner of transacting with the public through the simplification of frontline service procedures, formulation of service standards for every transaction, and making these known to the clientele


Excellence in research, development and extension on environment and natural resources.


To provide relevant technology and information through research towards sustainability and enhanced productivity of the natural resources and protection of the environment, for the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino people.


Pursuant to Republic Act No. 9485, entitled "An Act to Improve Efficiency in the Delivery of Government Service to the Public by Reducing Bureaucratic Red Tape, preventing Graft and Corruption, and Providing Penalties thereof" dated 02 June 2007, the undersigned has adopted the recommendations of the Citizen's Charter Team (CCT) constituted pursuant to ERDB Special Order No. 2009-34, and hereby promulgates the following Citizen's Charter for ERDB.

  • Request for Extension Services/Technical Assistance/Capacity Building/Resource Persons/Training Workshop
  • Request for ERDB Publications
  • Laboratory Services
  • Library Services
  • Request for Planting Materials/Seeds/Seedlings/Mycorrhiza
  • Application for Employment/OJT
  • Procedure for Filing Complaint