Left Photo: ERDB Director holding the signed MOA for the promotion of sustainable tourism in Daanbantayan, Cebu. Right photo: The stakeholders of Malapascua and Carnaza Island signing the MOA led by Mayor Sun J. Shimura.

Another partnership for the promotion and adoption of carrying capacity technology in local tourism destinations of Cebu was sealed on June 30, 2021 through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing.

This time, the partnership is among the LGU of Daanbantayan, ERDB-CRERDEC, DENR-PENRO Cebu, DENR-EMB 7, BLGUs of Logon (Malapascua) and Carnaza, and local private and people’s organizations. Hon. Mayor Sun J. Shimura led the MOA signing at the Mayor’s Office.

Also gracing the MOA signing ceremony online were Dr. Henry A. Adornado, ERDB Director, Dr. Alicia L. Lustica, CRERDEC Center Head and DENR-PENR Cebu Officer – For. Jose Cleo Cary F. Colis.

The activity aimed to institutionalize a partnership that would work out for the sustainability of local tourism destinations through the promotion and adoption of carrying capacity technology, an ecosystem-based management tool which the DENR has been strongly promoting.

Daanbantayan is the second municipality in Cebu wherein this particular partnership has been undertaken through the ERDB-CRERDEC Program: Client-Based Technology Transfer and Extension Services for Sustainable Ecosystems Management.

Mayor Shimura thanked ERDB-CRERDEC and DENR-7 for this initiative and advocacy.

He agreed that there should be a balance between economy and environment as much as the LGU wanted to provide livelihood and income to its people, while conserving its natural capitals.

He quipped that the pandemic has truly decreased tourism activities but on a positive side, there were more sightings of thresher sharks in the diving sites as compared to pre-pandemic times.

Director Adornado for his part, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the LGU of Daanbantayan for being open and supportive to the advocacy of sustainable tourism.

He stressed that this collaborative effort among the stakeholders is geared towards the main goal of sustaining environment for the generations to come.

PENR Officer Colis added that the carrying capacity does not aim to decrease tourism activities, instead this tool could help determine reasonable number of tourists for a given area without degrading the environment.

Dr. Lustica hoped for the partner stakeholders to be committed, connected, united, responsive, and vigilant in sustaining the gains that will be achieved as a result of the would-be adoption of the technology for the islands of Malapascua and Carnaza.

A total of 17 stakeholder group representatives attended the activity both onsite and online.

TTD Chief Juan B. Ebora concluded the MOA signing event by congratulating the parties involved and by posing a challenge for them to make the partnership effective. MJJE Bautista-CRERDEC