Regular health monitoring of WWRRDEC employees conducted by the Health and Safety Team

As COVID-19 persists to surge across the country, the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau – Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development and Extension Cener (ERDB-WWRRDEC) continues its efforts to combat the ongoing pandemic. Beyond implementing research, development and extension activities, the Center coninues to assure the general well-being of its employees.

Aside from compliance to the minimum health protocols, the Health and Safety Team also conducts regular general health monitoring of all employees stationed in Baguio City as well as bantay gubat personnel stationed in Tadao Experimental Forest in Ilocos Norte and Claveria Experimental Forest in Cagayan. This is to realize the Center’s pledge to a more holistic health approach while implementing Research, Development and Extension activities for the protection and management of the watersheds and water resources in our area of responsibility. Knowing that the employees are exposed on field, it was instigated that all employees should regularly undergo vital signs monitoring which include blood pressure (BP), temperature (T0), pulse rate (PR), respiratory rate (RR), and blood glucose. Vitamin C tablets and portable digital thermometer were likewise distributed in order to help boost the personnel’s immunity against COVID-19 and other diseases. Procurement of first aid supplies and emergency medications such as oral hypoglycemic, antihistamine, anti-motility, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibacterial, and antacids were also done in order to assure availability in times of need. Moreover, health education is also being conducted wherein the employees are continuously being advised on different health reminders and protocols in order to prevent acquiring and/or spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, only one (1) WWRRDEC personnel was infected with the virus whose exposure was outside the workplace. Clivene O. Toctocan and Genidine H. Aspuria, TTD