Face mask is a must, whether we like it or not. Mask wearing for both young and old, there’s no exception to lessen the risk of getting the Covid 19 infection!

Mask nowadays has become an essential part of our daily life providing comfort and protection against the dreadful virus, Covid 19. So what kind of mask are you wearing?

It is observed that many people use surgical mask probably because it’s light weight, most affordable and experts believed they are most effective in preventing the virus spread. However, the wide use and inappropriate disposal of these single-use masks made from non-renewable and non-biodegradable polymers have created negative impacts on the environment.  Environmental groups have warned that the surge in single-use face masks adds to a glut in plastic waste as they are carried into streams, rivers, and finally into the seas causing extensive harm to marine life.

Is there any alternative material sustainable and safe enough that can replace these disposable masks?  Yes! CRERDEC is taking the initiative through engaging with eco-friendly entrepreneurs committed in creating products that are environmentally sustainable. Incorporating the ideals of environmental sustainability through the production of reusable face masks is part of CRERDEC’s goal while supporting the government’s measure to contain the virus spread.

The production of abaca face masks, a biodegradable, potentially medical-grade, reusable mask made from abaca leaf fibers is one of CRERDEC’s advocacy in cutting the amount of plastic wastes.  Abaca grows abundantly in the Philippines and is valued for its mechanical strength and resistance to saltwater. CRERDEC’s abaca face mask with elastic ear loops and contouring shape shows an image of a whale and a tagline that promotes ‘protecting nature and sustaining tourism’. Comfortable and stylish enough, this face cover combats the spread of the virus, at the same time ease the problem of single-use mask disposal.  Choose reusable face masks and stay safe!   //TTEU-CRERDEC