Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko “ Domagoso with the DENR Team

Recognizing the importance of bamboo for a greener urban environment, the City of Manila led by Mayor Francisco “Isko” Domagoso welcomed two (2) ERDB-THWRDEC staff members (Foresters Christian Noel. Dotimas and Rey E. Abadiano) together with a DENR-NCR team headed by Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan.  A consultative meeting regarding the use of bamboo for urban greening in the City of Manila was initiated to have a clear understanding of the program.

Along with Mayor Domagoso was City Engineer Armando Andres. The THWRDEC tandem prepared a short presentation in support of RED Caancan’s discussion regarding the characteristics, benefits, and potentials of using bamboo in the urban greening project of the City of Manila.  The good mayor showed interest on the use of bamboo in urban parks as ground cover, live fences, hedges, or as an important species in landscaping the city.

During the meeting, different species of bamboo were discussed. The presentation of RED Caancan dealt on wamin bamboo, fishpole bamboo, variegated bamboo, Taiwan bamboo, and black bamboo. Native bamboos were also introduced such as anos, buho, giant bamboo, kawayang killing, and kawayang tinik. Mayor Domagoso expressed fondness on variegated bamboo. Consequently, RED Caancan assured the mayor of sourcing planting materials of the species.

After the meeting, a handbook on bamboo species found in the Philippines and packs of Hi-Q-Vam 1 were handed over to the City Mayor. Assessment of the planting sites for future bamboo landscapes in the city will soon be undertaken by the representatives of LGU-Manila and the DENR Team. For. Christian Noel Dotimas, THWRDEC