Left photo: The consultation meeting between the WWRRDEC and JHMC-Golf Course Management. Right photo: The key personnel of both parties while taking a break during the reconnaissance activity.

A consultation meeting between the Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development, and Extension Center and John Hay – Golf Course Management was conducted on September 8, 2020 at Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

Ms. Helen A. Maddumba, the Center Head of WWRRDEC, introduced the projects on “Benguet Pine Forest Characterization in Selected Disturbed and Undisturbed Sites of Benguet Province” and “Environmental Carrying Capacity of Baguio City”, including the three study components of the former, that will be implemented largely within the Camp John Hay area. The Center Head also presented the scope of the projects, the researchers involved, and including the objectives of the meeting.

In turn, Mr. Tim Allen Avramidis, the General Manager of JHMC Golf Course, asked about  the methodologies, duration, and number of staff who will frequent the JHMC particularly along the vicinities of the golf course area.

Ms. Estrella Patrimonio, the Study Leader for “GIS-based Forecasting Model for Early Detection of Potential Bark Beetle Outbreak in Disturbed and Undisturbed Pine Forest in Baguio City”, informed the golf course management about the major activities of the projects, which include the establishment of monitoring plots and the installation of bark beetle traps within the established plots. On the other hand, Ms. Erika Flora, the Study Leader for “Population Structure and Regeneration Status of Pinus Kesiya Royle ex Gordon Forests in the Province of Benguet”, shared about the establishment of quadrats which are intended for the one-time assessment of the regeneration potential of the Pine forests in Benguet.

Convinced with the salient features of the projects, Mr. Avramidis expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the WWRRDEC and committed his full support and cooperation for the success of the projects.

In closing, Forester Rhandy S. Tubal, the leader for both projects, requested the Golf Course Management for a joint reconnaissance survey around the area for the identification of sites where the different monitoring and assessment plots or blocks will be established. WWRRDEC